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General Terms and Conditions of GVS North Europe OÜ on buying back and wholesale of precious metals

On this website precious metals are sold by the company GVS North Europe OÜ. GVS North Europe OÜ invoices regularly taxed precious metal articles such as minted coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company GVS North Europe OÜ will be called "GVS".

Orders are possible around the clock. All online offers of GVS are non-binding and subject to change. With the order a price fixation takes place. After completion of the order process, an order confirmation appears as a PDF document for printing and/or saving. This order confirmation will be sent to the specified e-mail address and contains an order number.

After placing an order, the customer is obliged to arrange payment immediately. Upon receipt of payment, the invoice will be issued. With this invoice GVS confirms the order. The invoice will be sent to the customer or handed over personally. GVS reserves the right to refuse orders and will inform the customer immediately. In case of obvious errors, GVS reserves the right to withdraw invoices.

Late payment occurs when payment has not been made to GVS within three working days of the order and GVS has not rejected the order. An extension of the payment term must be confirmed by GVS. In case of late payment, GVS may withdraw from the contract without granting a grace period and reserves the right to claim all costs from the customer, which include interest on late payments and losses due to exchange rate fluctuations.

All prices are quoted by GVS on the basis of the commodity rates on the financial markets and are valid for collection from the registered office of GVS; to this must be added the costs of any delivery, including insurance. The price at the time of the order by the customer is always guaranteed, even if the prices should change in the meantime.

Orders of precious metals are NOT subject to cancellation or rescission under the Distance Selling Regulations. The customer has no right of cancellation or rescission at contracts about goods or services, whose prices are dependent on price fluctuations on financial markets, on which the entrepreneur has no influence.

The customer will receive details of the shipment by mail and therefore has to ensure the receipt of the delivery by him or a suitable other person. The deliveries are insured. In order to preserve the insurance coverage, the customer (or the person taking delivery) must immediately check the integrity of the packaging and any seals upon receipt of the delivery. Any visible defects must be immediately confirmed in writing by the delivery person and incomplete or lost shipments must be immediately reported to GVS.

The customer is obliged to accept partial deliveries. The risk shall pass to the customer at the latest upon collection of the products by the customer or a person appointed by the customer, as well as upon delivery of the products to the address specified by the customer.
GVS North Europe is keeping the right to pass orders to other companies inside of GVS Bullion Group.

Product images used to present the products in the online store are symbolic photos. These do not represent the article in every case true to life, but serve as an illustration. The respective description of the individual products is authoritative.

GVS declares to use the data collected by it exclusively for its own purposes, to pass it on to third parties exclusively for the purpose of order processing, for example shipping, and to treat it confidentially and in compliance with all existing and data protection regulations. Please read our privacy policy.

Tallinn, 21.12.2021